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"A Tradition of Tailoring. The Quality of Craftsmanship."
The GINO name continues to be synonymous with quality.
We take pride in our products and the family atmosphere
in which they are produced.

Our uncompromising approach to quality is evident in every GINO shirt. With a large selection of cuff, collar and style options and the chance to provide exact measurements, you can be sure of a shirt tailored exactly to your needs.

Each shirt is important to us, as we know it will be to you. For that reason alone, we individually press, fold, pin and tissue each shirt by hand, an unnecessary touch, perhaps, but one which creates a good first impression, one that will last over the years. You will also note that, rather than just including a packet of extra buttons, we take the time and expense to sew extra buttons to the bottom of the placket of each and every shirt.

Top 10 Reasons to buy a GINO shirt

1., your 24 hours, open custom tailored shirtmaker

2. All our shirts are sewn with 20 stitches to the inch. We, therefore, achieve fine, strong and more elegant seams

3. Horizontal bottom button allows movement across your hips.

4. Single needle stitching - This is the traditional but a costly way of doing things. It produces very fine but very strong seams.

5. Choose from a large variety of pure luxury cotton fabrics

6. Our buttons are cross-stitched onto the shirt by hand to ensure that they are anchored as firmly as possible

7. Our selection of shirt collars are all fused and handmade using the highest quality cotton interfacing

8. Choose from a variety of collar and cuff styles.  Customization is key.

9. Our collars are made with a separate Top and Band which gives the collar a natural tendency both to turn and stay down.

10. We use only the finest button on our shirts. No other buttons can reproduce their translucent elegance

Shirtmaking is both an art and a science. Our team of fabric designers and technical experts ensure we get the balance right between fantastic design and exceptional engineering. Making shirts is our passion one that has been evolving since GINO TAILOR opened its doors many years ago. The excitement lives on, and our team is dedicated to making the best shirts for our customers

We make our shirts using the best fabrics the world has to offer and with meticulous construction techniques.  All shirts are produced under highly controlled production processes.  We believe that you cannot find better quality than the classic GINO tailored shirt.

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