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Gino Tailor the best designer and tailor of the year, has been providing quality apparels to customers around the world for many years.

For the last three decades, Gino Tailor have been servicing international clients, in the art of custom made clothing, ranging from diplomats and business leaders to professionals and civil servants. With the amount of experiences the establishment has gathered over the years, our human resources have come to learn several things.



Quality is the key to winning trust. Cut, fabric and wearability the three classic elements that define the quality of a tailored made garment. But on their own they are not enough. Let's take a jacket as an example. A perfect jacket must exhibit details of construction and finishing. Many of these are not immediately visible because they are hidden away inside. Nevertheless, they are extremely important in assessing the true worth of the jacket. At the core of a well crafted jacket is an interfacing made of prime quality camel hair, horsehair and flannel. The lining is fused German, and the Melton is a combination of felt and Irish cotton. The buttons are cross-stitched and chosen with great care. Those used on the finest fabrics are made of pure horn and have a diameter of 19 mm for the front buttoning and 9 mm on the sleeves: the four buttonholes on the sleeves are real and may be opened if so wished.


Customer is the King/Queen. This is the reason Gino Tailor provides services far beyond the matter of tailoring your garments. While in Thailand, you can call our company up for free pick-up from your hotels or residences. While you sleep, your clothes are being prepared (as our Firm guarantee tailoring your clothes within 24 hours) with top quality craftsmanship and delivered to your hotel free of charge before you awake the next morning.


Assortment of Materials and Design keep you coming back. As we solidly commit in setting our customers as the priority, we also believe in their future return to the establishment. This is the reason why we stock our place with the widest range of materials available. Our fabrics range from 100% cotton and linens to pure cashmere, alpaca wool, real kid mohair for suits and pure Egyptian and Swiss cottons and pinpoint oxford for shirts and 100% pure Italian cashmere for our overcoats. Not to mention pure Thai silk and silk blends. In the world of Fashions, one can safely say, time moves quickly. This is the reason why our director attends the many fashion exhibitions in Europe and the USA to keep the firm posted on recent market trends. In doing so, either it is a stylish Versace cut or a trendy Armani model, nothing is impossible for our well-experienced tailors.

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